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All you need to time travel is reading a good book.

            - Lord Onion


This Month's


I Believe, iMaWorld four-book graphic novel series focuses on Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. By blending the concepts of mini Harvard Business Cases and Stanford’s Design Thinking with a Jarrett Krosoczka’s ‘Lunch Lady’ style superhero action story, our unique series is both educational and entertaining among children age 7-12.


​Episode 1: The Beginning of The Rocks​

Yolkbaby’s family can’t afford a rent increase from the smelly-breathed Lord Onion. She is given three magic rocks to overcome the situation by bringing out the power of her empathy, creativity, and determination . But when a flood threatens to destroy the town, Yolkbaby must find a solution together with Lord Onion to save the townspeople.

Exercise Included:

We encourage readers to dream big and exercise their empathy, creativity, and determination. A hands-on back section provides activities that help kids to break down big goals into achievable steps. In doing so, children are better able to face the emotional challenges they may encounter when trying to realize their dreams.


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