All you need to time travel is reading a good book.

            - Lord Onion

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I Believe, iMaWorld four-book graphic novel series focuses on Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. By blending the concepts of mini Harvard Business Cases and Stanford’s Design Thinking with a Jarrett Krosoczka’s ‘Lunch Lady’ style superhero action story, our unique series is both educational and entertaining among children age 7-12.


​Episode 1: The Beginning of The Rocks​

Yolkbaby’s family can’t afford a rent increase from the smelly-breathed Lord Onion. She is given three magic rocks to overcome the situation by bringing out the power of her empathy, creativity, and determination . But when a flood threatens to destroy the town, Yolkbaby must find a solution together with Lord Onion to save the townspeople.

Exercise Included:

We encourage readers to dream big and exercise their empathy, creativity, and determination. A hands-on back section provides activities that help kids to break down big goals into achievable steps. In doing so, children are better able to face the emotional challenges they may encounter when trying to realize their dreams.

The Best Way to Improve Is To Publish Your Writing.

                           - iMaSensei

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iMa. Book List

The Haunted House Party
The story of a boy who hosts a Halloween party that is invaded by real ghosts and goblins.
Beginning of The Rocks
Teach children to dream big and achieve through a graphic novel on empathy, creativity, and determination.
A Far...t Encounter
Teach children critical thinking to help define problem they want to solve.
Horrible Tyree is a large, toothy dinosaur who bullies small Bolle, until Bolle comes up with a creative idea to deal with the bully.
The Alien
Comic book about a very clever Kenyan boy who invents all kinds of crazy things, from creating rain and robots, to harnessing the power of electromagnetism.
The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time
Earth is dying - her land and rivers and oceans are being poisoned and her beautiful planet is ravaged by war. The birds who want to help her must fly through seven terrible valleys, overcoming the monsters that live in each valley, until they find the Great Being who is the life of all life. Then they must bring back to Earth the message they are given to save Earth.
A Book For Kids
Forty-nine illustrated poems, rhymes and stories to capture the imagination of children in 1920s Australia. The individual stories and poems engage with the realities and fantasies associated with people, the birds and animals and the life of the town.
Don't Do That
A funny guide that uses absurd examples to introduce kids to manners.
Peculiar Zoo
From dik-diks to zebus, this book contains funny poems about some of the oddest creatures in the animal kingdom. Did you know that the numbat has more teeth than any other animal, but swallows its food whole?
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