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You Are A Master Piece

It is a simple exercise to help children find the uniqueness of who they are. It helps them understand everyone is different. There are many ways to make a dream. Use cooking as an example. Different ingredients represent a different element of who we are. Cook it with different methods and seasonings; all can make a great dish.

Finding iMa

Together with the story, Finding iMa presents iMaSensei as a magical force that wants to help children be the best they can be. We hid the iMa bear symbol in many hard to find places. The message is that the goodness of the universe is always there, wanting to help us succeed. However, it does take an effort to keep looking to recognize it.


• First, love and empathy, the power to gain power by feeling and learning what others want, and to also communicate the fact that you care and want to do something about it. o Empathy worksheet: ask them to draw occasions when they utilize empathy to feel when others may need help or when they feel happy when others succeeded.


• Second, creativity, the ability to see the future, and allow good things a chance to happen. If there is a will, there is a way. If you keep exercising creativity, you increase the likelihood of seeing the future come true. o Creativity worksheet:  1) Squiggle Infinite: Make use of the squiggle to draw something interesting. The purpose is to help children use their imagination and see how many different drawings they can come up with.  2) Paperclips Remade: Ask children to try to come up


• Third, determination, the strength to never give up. Many of the inventions or admirable things are the result of determination to keep on trying. Show examples of inventors and great people from history who has done this from never giving up:  1) Invention: Edison tested 3000 design of light bulbs;  2) Sports: Athletes who never gives up and takes risks • Wilma Rudolph: From Disability to Olympic Glory • Gabriela Andersen-Schiess: Made A Stand For All Women

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