8 Things Your Children’s School Must Do to Prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

4th Industrial Revolution is here already. Welcome it and learn to ride it not fight it.

The 4th Industrial revolution is coming fast and brings tremendous new opportunities for society. We should all learn how to ride this growth wave. Education is an essential part of this.

Our schools need to help prepare our children to thrive alongside smart technology innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, etc. That's how they can maximize the opportunities created by the 4th Industrial Revolution, according to Bernard Marr in his article (8 Things Every School Must Do To Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution) in Forbes Magazine. There are eight things the schools need to be doing now:

  1. Redefine our education to teach children the skillset and mindset to do anything in their future rather than a single, specialized task.

  2. Improve STEM education across all income levels, ages, and genders.

  3. Develop human potential by valuing creative endeavors, imagination, critical thinking, social interaction, and physical dexterity to help children partner with machines in the future.

  4. Adapt to lifelong learning models to nurture a fertile ground for creativity, curiosity, and design-thinking.

  5. Alter educator training to help teachers become guides for students to enjoy self-motivated learning goals and to embrace failure with determination to succeed.

  6. Make schools maker-spaces to allow students to develop their love for learning and hands-on experience as they practice their curiosity, problem-solving skills, inquisitiveness, and the iterations of failure.

  7. Encourage international mindfulness to embrace the rapid technology advancements that bring the world much closer together.

  8. Change higher education to embrace the 4th industrial revolution by providing more life-long learning with modular post-grad qualifications.

I would encourage parents to adopt many of these initiatives and mindsets at home as well to complement the schools' efforts.

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Source: Forbes Magazine, May 22, 2019, by Bernard Marr: 8 Things Every School Must Do To Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution

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