Entrepreneurial Mindset and Design Thinking for Kids

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

To be entrepreneurial is to be creative, resourceful, and brave in tackling a goal that you care about, even when you know you may fail. It is a fun but challenging process. Having a positive mindset will help a great deal. Although you may feel your doubts beating you up; BEATEN will help you to overcome your fears as you strive to do your best.

Remember BEATEN as follows:

1. Believe that you can because you care

2. Expect that it will take time

3. Accept that it will be hard and make you doubt yourself

4. Take it on faith and just get started

5. Enjoy the journey and be creative!

6. Never give up until it is done!

Children entrepreneurship is a great way to help them learn innovation and responsibility.

Complement Entrepreneurial Mindset with Design Thinking

But we need more than a positive mindset, we also need something call design thinking that even superstar problem-solvers and designers use to make amazing solutions and products.

Design thinking is a tested and well-adopted frame work to complement the entrepreneurial BEATEN mindset. Created by Stanford’s design school, design thinking is a popular process with clear steps to help designer and managements of businesses from MNCs to startups to design products and solutions for their business. If you practice these skills often, you also will be a good problem-solver like the superstars!

With the entrepreneurial mindset and Design Thinking skillset, our children will shape a future that we cannot even imagine.

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