3 Key Things to Help our Children Develop To Tackle the Imminent AI & Robotic Future

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Artificial intelligence, robotic technology, and 5G network deployment promise an earth-shaking change for our future. Will our children be overwhelmed by the arrival of intelligent robotic armies that could replace most of our jobs? Or will they find the hope and passion to thrive and create a better future?

If you can give your children magical power to face all these future challenges, what magical power would you choose for them?

Technology, Business and Faith

Business, technology, and faith are the three pillars of our world. Business appropriates and allocates resources in a semi-efficient way. Technology solves problems such as food shortages and pushes the frontiers of our life. Faith helps us believe that in all that we do, that we can make a difference in our future and push the frontier of our existence in the right direction. These drivers are like husband and wife, in good days, working in harmony and reinforcing each other.

However, a single factor can derail the harmonious workings of these drivers: our mind. Our mind points to a version of the future and sets it in motion. When we lose hope, doom follows. When we believe in good, the future expands and blossoms.

So, what superpower should we give our children?

3 Key Things We Should Help Our Children Develop to Ride the Approaching Wave as Opportunity

After a seven year soul journey and an MBA from a prestigious school (I went to Berkeley and UCLA - Go Bears!), I have identified three things that I believe can give our children all the powers they need to create a magical future:

  • First, love and empathy, the power to point to the true north, to believe we can do good. With loving parents and the ability to feel what others feel, love can guide our children to use their might for the right things

  • Second, creativity, the ability to see the future and the ability to believe that they can WILL the future they see into existence. If there is a will, there is a way. Actually, many different ways, with creativity.

  • Third, determination, the strength to never give up. What we decide and take action on today will be the reality of the future. We may not be the generation to send our children to travel space. However, we can show our children our determination and put that tool in their hands to shape the future

These three simple things are also the essence of entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking. Our children already have these ingredients within them. What we have to do is to help them to practice using these skills and encourage them when they are ready to give up. There are some resources online that may help your to do that, too. Enjoy!









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