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iMaWorld: I Believe

Give Your Children a Magical STEM Education to Help Them Excel in School & the Society

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For creativity, confidence and problem-solving.

Educational superhero comic is a rare breed for children's book. 

As a parent of three kids, and an ex-investment banker, I started building a funny, cartoon network styled, and inspirational STEM adventure series to both entertain and educate. I want to give children magical power to help them grow and reach their full potential through Design Thinking and entrepreneurship. 

The iMaWorld book series is all about empowering our children for the fast-approaching AI, robotic future by introducing them to Stanford's Design Thinking and entrepreneurship through superhero adventure stories. On a deeper level, it presents a possible relationship between faith, business, and technology in a way that is relatable to children.

As an investment banker turn entrepreneur, I started building iMaWorld stories and children’s products that mix business, technology, and faith about three years ago.  Faith is a compass, business and technology a rope. With them, we can trek the unchartered. 


I am not a man of answers.  I am just a father who wants to help my children to use their imaginations and courage to break through boundaries. I just want to share my journey with parents, caregivers, and children through iMaWorld. I sincerely ask you to join us on this journey to build something amazing and magical for our children to empower them to shape their future world.  Let us join together to give them the confidence to say “This is my world! I’m a world! iMaWorld!" Please join me and support iMaWorld through our Kickstarter campaign! 

"The stories in iMaWorld are just as comical, soulful as they are educational."

                         - Grady Lam

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Give Your Children a Magical STEM Education to Help Them Excel in School & the Society

Sign up for a 30% super early bird discount.