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Instill in your children future-shaping skills with funny stories and inspiring exercises:




Book 4: JUST DO IT

Over 200 pages of beautiful illustrations

Over 50 fun worksheets to help children practice  

Curated over 100 free & fun STEM videos on topics from the books 

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Example pages from the graphic novel

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Technology, Business, & Faith

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Meet the co-authors of these books. I rejected the idea of putting their faces on a public page. But I was scolded by "Quantum Boy" that they were the ones who inspired me to write these books and helped me to come up with plots in the story. He thinks I am going to be "famous". 😂😂😂Beautiful young minds. So, I give in. Please meet my co-authors, Jacob, Season and Alden.

As for me, I am a failing expert.  Armed with years of investment banking and real estate development experience from the United States, I piloted a 10 million square foot real estate development project in China.  THUMP!  I crashed the project into the sea of cultural and social differences.  BOOM!  This time, my global fundraising roadshow efforts for my $100 million investment fund was sunk by the Euro crisis, even with the help of a multinational investment bank.  Failed, enriched, I restart.  A dreaming philosopher.  My wife relies on me for night time chats of social and spiritual wisdom to “bore” her into dreams.  Serendipitously, my children inspired me into a career somersault. Relentlessly dreaming, I am attempting, with joy and passion, following the God I believe, to build a magical world for my children, for real. 

Mankind is in an infinite loop of history repeating, riding on expanding awareness of the universe.  To thrive, I believe, mankind needs to venture beyond our planet and our space-time.  But what is out there?  Can we get there?  If God created the universe for mankind, did He overestimate our ability to explore it?  Or is there a humongous, ever-expanding galactic party waiting for the prodigal to venture?  Seven years of writing triweekly devotionals and twenty years of business experiences have given me the confidence to depict these possibilities in simple but entertaining ways.

My family is my team on this voyage. My two-year-old son's favorite song is "Goodness of God." All my failures are the goodness of God. I want to use my experience to prepare them for days without me.  These humorous secular stories, tools of skillsets, and problem-solving mindsets serve as a bridge for children to explore the possibilities of an organic relationship between technology, business, and faith. God has given me magical powers to face any challenge with hope and passion.  Big dreams, small steps. 

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A dream is a promise to yourself. Trust
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You Just Can't Beat the Person Who Never
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I am not a man of answers.  I am just a father who wants to help my children to use their imaginations and courage to break through boundaries. I just want to share my journey with parents and children through iMaWorld. “I’m a world! iMaWorld!” the young heroes cheer to iMaSensei in this book series.  That is the magical world, where children are the world-saving superheroes, that I want to create.


Meet The iMaWorld Team


Grady Lam

CEO & Author

Father of three. Ex-investment banker and real estate developer. MBA, UCLA.


Jessie Wong


Mother of three. Vice-Chairwoman of an education group with 5000 students. A frequent speaker about future of education. 


Heather Lonczak


Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. A published author and winner of iParenting Media Awards.

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John Zakour

Creative Lead

Author of more than a dozen novels. A frequent writer for the Simpsons and Rugrats show.


Robson de Jesus


Designer and illustrator for Cartoon Network, Latin America. Prior projects include: "Brother of the Jorel ", "Micro Tent Muda ", "Brois and Rufus”, etc.