Grady Lam

Founder & CEO

Grady is father of three wonderful children.  He is a children’s book author and a seasoned finance professional.  Prior to starting iMaWorld, his career covered technology investment banking, real estate development, school management, and real estate investment fund.  He is a devoted Christian.  He hopes to serve society and believes that iMaWorld can bring a wholesome and positive influence on families and our next generation.

Jessie 2.png

Jessie Wong

Co-Founder & CCO

Jessie, Chief Content Officer. Vice Chairwoman of an education group in China.  She is frequent speaker at events on the topic of future of education.  She has a first-hand understanding of challenges that parents face from managing schools with more than 10,000 students.  Jessie is passionate about building schools that will bring our next generations of children together in a school without walls. Prior to her education career, she was also a founder of MESME, a cosmic company.

Jacob TawKwanDao Crop.png

Jacob Lam, Co-Author

Inspiration Officer

Quantum Boy

Things he's happy about: Making TaeKwonDo Demonstration Team. Dream to be a Taekowndo Olympic player. Recently won 2nd place in Hong Kong Poomase Competition 2019. Making the school soccer team. 

Season Carmera.jpeg

Season Lam, Co-Authour

Father's Boss


Things she's happy about: Telling family members what to do. Dream to be a  young photographer and designer. Always drawing, painting, coloring wherever she is. Performing ballet on stage and have me take tones of pictures of her after the performance. 


Heather Lonczak, Editor

Heather S. Lonczak, Ph.D., is an Educational Psychologist, author, editor and poet. She has published numerous scholarly articles aimed at the promotion of positive youth development and the reduction of health disparities. She also has published several works of fiction for children and is an iParenting Media Award winner. Given her dedication to animals and wildlife, many of Dr. Lonczak's creative works seek to increase empathy towards different animal species.


Robason de Jesus, Illustrator

Robson is a talented illustrator and animator.  He worked as a designer and illustrator at CLIO's development office.  Recently, he also worked on "Tromba Train" animation series on Cartoon Network, Latin America. His prior experience include involvement in series such as "Brother of the Jorel ", "Micro Tent Muda ", "Brois and Rufus” and "Ticks and Catchers" series.


Laura Boffa,

Part Time Editor

Laura Boffa is a writer, editor, teacher, and lover of mountains, ducks, and dark chocolate.  She has a dual Masters in Children’s Literature and Elementary Education from Simmons University, and you can find her writing in Spider Magazine or her picture book, Writing Home: The Story of Author Thomas Wolfe.

Carlos Lottersberger.png

Carlos Lottersberger, Creative Lead

Carlos is a seasoned illustrator, Social Communications Phd., teacher, and father of two children. He has worked in advertising, video game development, comics, concepts, and characters design around the world.

John Zakour.jpg

John Zakour, Consultant

John Zakour is a freelance humor writer with a master degree in human behavior and a concentration in Positive Psychology. John writes his own syndicated comic Working Daze which has been around for over 10 years. He’s written dozens of novels, comics for the Simpsons and Rugrats and optioned TV shows. He’s been a regular contributor to Mad and a ton of US publications.